01. Eleno kerko trad. Macedonia
02. Gde si bilo jare moje trad. South Serbia
03. More sokol pie trad. Macedonia
04. Sejdefu majka budjase trad. Montenegro
05. Djelem, djelem trad. Roma Hymn
06. Niska banja trad. South Serbia
07. Jos ne svice rujna zora tread. Montenegro
08. Marijo bela kumrijo trad. Serbia
09. Nane cocha, nane gad trad. Russian Roma
10. Snjeg pade na behar na voce trad. Bosnia 11.
Kales bre Andjo trad. Macedonia


LOVE/LJUBAV is the title of the first solo album released by Jelena Krstic, a Serbian singer and artist. Jelena’s life full of joy, grief, love, longing and happiness is recounted in her songs and this album is a result of her many years of work, international tours, numerous theater performances as well as her experience and love for life, family and faith.

The album includes traditional songs from Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo which partly date back to many centuries ago; two of them are gypsy songs. All the songs are selected, sung and interpreted with plenty of love and attention. You can feel the sensitive side of Jelena’s character in all the facets of her dynamic voice; the character which is intertwined with melancholy grace and a longing that reveals constant, profound and honest pursuit of love and happiness.

In her songs, there is always a mixture of Jelena’s private life and interpretations of a piece of her homeland. Moved by her colorful, versatile, powerful and sensitive music, one can listen to the passionate and radiant voice of a highly gifted singer who revealed her musicality already at an early age and has been performing on stage since the age of three. Her father, Sima Simic, is a famous singer and a musician and her mother is a music teacher. Her perfectly shaped and refined voice is a result of extensive vocal training in classical, jazz and pop singing, which she successfully completed at several universities in Austria.

Jelena Krstic: “The album is called Liebe/Ljubav (Love), because it features the peak of my spiritual and artistic growth, as well as my progress and maturity as a person, woman and mother. My experience as a mother and unconditional love for my children Anastasija and Andrej have shaped the intimate and honest expression of my voice and my interpretation style.”

Jelena’s voice is authentic, powerful and at the same time very sensitive; it embodies a new spirit which merges the traditional and the modern in a gentle and touching way. Her expressive vocals invite the audience on a musical journey, captivate the listeners from the first sound, resonate with our emotions, bring us into her world and allow us to dream.

On her album, Jelena showcases her fantastic band of musicians living in Austria: Vlada Blum (Serbia) on the acoustic guitar, Lubomir Gospodinov (Bulgaria) on the clarinet and the soprano saxophone as well as percussionist and drummer Goran Krstic (Serbia). In addition, Jelena’s guests, Harri Stojka, the virtuosic jazz guitarist famous for his vivacious guitar chords, and her father Sima Simic, appear on the album.

“Ljubav” was released in October 2015 by the leading Austrian record label in jazz and world music, “Alessa Records”

Line up:

Vlada Blum / Serbia, acoustic guitar
Lubomir Gospodinov / Bulgaria, clarinet, soprano saxophone
Goran Krstic / Serbia, percussion


Harri Stojka / Austria, jazz guitar
Sima Simic / Serbia, singer (Jelena’s father)

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