change your inner voice

How many times you didn’t get things done, you lost your energy or felt tired of a slow progress?

Let me guess – one too many!

What if I told you that everything that prevents you from dreaming big could just disappear?

What if you knew what it takes to be a star, and that it all comes from one powerful word – BELIEVING!

There could be many reasons for your insecurities, but together we can make them go away!

Reach your full potential as a singer and make the best of your performance! Feel the self-confidence, beauty and power that you own! And on your way to the top, we will find your uniqueness & make you unstoppable! Join my vocal training today!

jelena krstić

How does it work?

Did you know that every thought triggers a biochemical reaction in our body and therefore, stimulating our mind, affects our hormones as well!

It has already been proven that sports and various relaxation methods have an influence on the hormonal balance and on our brain or nerve cells in the reward system.

The studies have shown that during these activities the stress hormones noradrenaline, cortisol or dopamine, and also the relaxation hormones oxytocin and prolactin, are activated.

We all live in an environment that is constantly changing – within a day, between the seasons and years. Hormones are signal substances in the body that enable organisms to adapt to such environmental changes. They control many things in our body, such as behavior & our energy balance. They control the way we feel.

Our knowledge of evolutionary changes in physiological traits such as hormones is still very incomplete, but what we do know is that rapid hormonal changes take place within a few minutes after the occurrence of an environmental stimulus! This means that even a short-term environmental stimulus, such as a conscious “intervention” to our mental well-being through mental training, could also result in changes or fluctuations in the hormonal balance!

If your hormones are in control of your body & mind, they influence your persistence and performance as well!

They influence your inner voice that can either sabotage you or make you shine in your full glory!

set yourself for the best

Is it truth or is it magic?

With “Change Your Inner Voice” Mental Training Method I will help you bring your voice to its maximum capacity! This training is a result of many years of artistic and educational work. Every detail in this method had been carefully selected and designed to give you the knowledge and the experience I have gained over the years on stage! Everything that made me stand on the biggest stages with the most famous composers, singers and instrumentalists, my success, my heart & soul are in this method and I want to share it with you!

So – yes, it is the truth and it’s very magical! Here is what you can expect from “Change Your Inner Voice” Mental Training Method:

• Mental blockages are removed and your voice is set free

• I will motivate you to achieve best results, new opportunities and success in your performing career

• Realize your full potential

• Polish your artistic expression

• Build your self-confidence while performing

• Discover vocal techniques that work best for you

• Get you ready for a professional career

You are unique! Let’s bring that out! Let’s show the world how special you are and that everything you imagine is achievable!

Let me make you courageous! Learn never to give up! It is all about the perspective! If you believe this program is perfect for you – you are right! If you believe that this program is just another in a sea of ​​useless methods and it cannot help you – you are also right! Be brave to take the first step!

Let me show you how to get there. Let me show you how to shine, how to change your inner voice!


Professional singer, performer & educator,

founder of the “Change Your Inner Voice” Mental Training Method

Jelena Krstić